The Not So Secret Files Of Lola Spumoni

This is a tale of a girl. A little school girl, to be exact. This blog chronicles the lovestruck teen who struggles to put aside her feelings for a teacher whom she is desperately in love with. But tell her not that she is in love, lest she bitch slap you...or at least unleash some repressed rage in the form of witty sarcasm.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

click image to read. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

let's see if this works...sorry about the shoddy art work...this is pretty primitive yet, but once I get used to panels...look out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Lola, in pixilated color!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Lo and behold!

And so Lola Spumoni gets her own damned blog. To fully understand her though, perhaps it is best that we delve into her not so flattering past...having said that I will inform any of you who read this that I will, indeed, post her early pictures, good, bad, or ugly; all will be revealed. Posting may begin later today, when the sun has risen and the day has officially begun, or whenever I feel like it. Lola exists soley due to a school girl crush I had to endure and so it is painfully apparent that she too will have such a crush. The object of her not so secret affection is mr. Neapolitan...hungry yet? Once I get the preliminary old pictures out if the way, perhaps I can get the story lines up and running so that I may catch you up to where she exists now in her notebook drawn life. I will post on a strict schedule that I will adhere to, and that schedule is...when I bloody well feel like it. Enjoy!